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Dr. Des Rainey
PhD (Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio),
MA (Victoria,


Doc. Rainey Ltd.

15A Coronation Rd

Auckland 0627

New Zealand.

Tel:+64 9 4198356


'1, 2, 3!'
(in development)

ASK FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON ANY PRODUCT WHICH INTERESTS YOU. We may be able to send PowerPoints and/or sample materials along with order forms.  
We accept orders by phone or email.
Payment to: Doc Rainey Ltd, ASB Bank,123072-0477071-000.
[International orders: request quotation.]

For an outline of the 'Number-Family' approach to maths and 'Number Stick' use click Number Family/Number Stick.
For comparison of the Number Stick (Fun-Abacus) to other mathematics teaching aids click Teaching Aid Comparison.  
For some information about about the 'Kiwi Maths' approach to 'tables' or basic number fact learning click Kiwi Maths/Basic Facts .

1. NUMBER STICKS. Preferably children have their own Numbers Stick. (As a standard stationery item children can use them from K through Year 2 or 3.) Price ranges from $7.50 down to $5.50 for large orders.

2. PRE-SCHOOL (KINDERGARTEN) RESOURCE SET $185.  Comprises 10 Number Sticks, a general Number Stick Guide, a Kindergarten guide and activity book, 8 laminated game cards and a 'Finger Trace' set of number cards. Aims to give children enjoyable visual hands-on pre-school maths experience while giving them also what they need to make a good confident start in maths when they commence school.  

3. EARLY PRIMARY SCHOOL RESOURCE SET (1-2+) $115. Number Sticks are extra. Provides a general Number Stick Guide, an Early Numeracy Guide and two activity books, 'Activities to 10' and 'Activities 10 - 20' (blacklines). Countless visual hands-on games and activities take children into almost all areas of maths (algebra and statistics included) in an exciting new 'Number Family' way. The Number Stick can BE or REPRESENT all Number Families to 20! Children love it. Educationists applaud.

4. THE NUMBER STICK 'TABLES' PACK (2-3) $125. Number Sticks are extra. This is a new visual hands-on way of getting into 'tables'. Children will successively build a table, then play 'the game' for that table (and start getting it into memory), then do pencil and paper activities designed to ensure accuracy, then speed with accuracy. The Number Stick can BE or REPRESENT ANY & EVERY TABLE! The pack includes a general Number Stick guide, 'Build Tables' (activity blackline), 'Swingo Bingo' (games blackline), and 'First Tables' (worksheet blackline). The approach may be worth trialing with students who need remedial help. We hope this year to find how helpful it is. By all means request inspection.

4. 'KIWI MATHS' BASIC FACT WORKBOOKS $5 - $7.50. Prices range from $7.50 (minimum 10) to $6 (100+) to $5.50 (200+) as a viable school stationery item. These are individual workbooks which children can follow their progress in and take pride in. They are for students at the stage where they need to work on memorising basic number facts. Des Rainey 'error-free' methods focus table by table on 1) accuracy, 2) speed with accuracy, 3) expert skills. Children keep day-by-day Progress Charts - motivating. Kiwi Maths methods are proven highly effective. Available titles
         ‘The Easier Multiplication Tables’ (tables 2, 3, 4, 5).  ‘The Harder Multiplication Tables' (tables 6, 7, 8, 9)
         ‘Easier Basic Division’ (division by 2, 3, 4, 5)             ‘Harder Basic Division’ (division by 6, 7, 8, 9) 
         ‘Easier Basic Addition’ (add 2, 3, 4, 5)                     ‘Harder Basic Addition’  (add 6, 7, 8, 9)
Link to Des Rainey research: 'Overcoming Underachievement in Basic Fact Knowledge.' Click here.

5.THE AFPM TESTS OF BASIC NUMBER FACTS $34.95. All-process blacklines. Good for start-of-year, end-of-year and progress assessments. Results are ideal for student goal-setting and for reporting to parents, BOT and ERO. Ask for further information

6. KNOWLEDGE-SCALE™ BASIC FACT PROGRESS CHARTS $34.95. With school-wide copying license these are a new challenging motivating way for students to record their basic fact knowledge achievement no matter what teaching methods are in used. Very helpful for data collection and for report information.        

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