Des Rainey 'mini-musicals' for children to read or sing or perform!

'Hoppity' and 'Bad Bad Sir Brian'

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Disclaimer: Sales can be made only within New Zealand at this time, the  works of A A Milne being in the Public Domain in New Zealand but not elsewhere. Des Rainey asserts all copyright and all other rights in the musical, artistic and literary works contained on this site other than those which remain with A A Milne..

Product Descriptions

'HOPPITY' As a 'mini-musical' based on 12 poems/songs the whole performance can take only 20 minutes. Performers are generally in an age-range of 5 through 12 and the audience may well be in the same range - plus adult! There is a cast of four: John-boy and Lisa and their Mum and Dad but also Little Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue and bears and kings and things. The first four songs are set in the dining room of the children's home after breakfast. The next four are out of doors and relate to a daffodil, to woodlands and to a lake.

'BAD BAD SIR BRIAN' has 15 songs and is somewhat more complex as a children's musical though for approximately the same audience. The cast includes Tim and Anne, their Mum and Dad, John-boy, Christopher, Mrs Boom, Bad Sir Brian Botany,  King Hillary, a Lord High Chancellor, a Beggarman and assorted villagers. There is a  lot of flexibility as to who sings what and as to how elaborate or otherwise the staging may be. The whole show may take from 15 to 30 minutes.

PERFORMANCE LICENSE: There are modest fees for staged performances of the musicals: 'Hoppity' $45,  'Bad Bad Sir Brian' $65. Phone  09 419-8356 (New Zealand only) or email.


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