Doc Rainey’s ‘Kiwi Maths’

Comment from the '90s from teachers, advisors and review


‘In reviewing your Basic Facts learning programme KIWI MATHEMATICS we would like to commend you for addressing an important aspect of maths learning in a positive manner that highlights a healthy partnership between child, parent and teacher.

The perspective you place on children learning to recall their basic facts and their need to understand and apply the underlying concepts is important. You recognise that there is a great deal more to learning maths than recalling tables but that there is a need for all children to master their basic facts as a foundation for their mastery of number. This view is fully supported in our national syllabus on mathematics.

The techniques you use to develop the child’s recall are educationally very sound and often under-utilised by teachers and parents. We would heartily recommend your ‘Error-Free’ method and ‘Day-to-Day’ recording practices as recall learning techniques.  Your programme will greatly assist most children to achieve the goal of recall mastery in the basic facts.

It is our pleasure to positively endorse your programme and wish you well in this venture.

L J Cooper and F N Woolford,
Mathematics Education Consultants

‘Des has an excellent method for improving maths in your school. He has a programme for learning basic facts that is truly impressive in its results. The programme has been trialled in a number of North Shore schools. Des will show you the system, and explain how it can be used to give unequivocal evidence of progress for Education Review Office teams, community reports, parent interviews and to provide a sense of achievement for pupils.’
Garry Arnott, Deputy Principal, Willow Park School
to North Shore Deputy Principals

‘I thoroughly recommend Kiwi Mathematics to parents who are looking for an effective, interesting way to help their children learn basic number facts.’
Glen Stenhouse, Educational Psychologist

‘The video was a great help and once the system was understood more the teachers enjoyed the structured nature of the resource….The children were keen to participate and complained when they were missing out. Their enthusiasm to learn alone makes it well worth while.’
A  J Horan, Deputy Principal, Bader Intermediate School

 ‘..It is refreshing indeed to find an entrepreneur who has an understanding of the educational needs of children. You have devised a system which will enable parents to genuinely supplement the in-school learning experiences of their children. I am pleased to learn that the mathematics advisers in Auckland are endorsing your material and approaches.
Lockwood Smith, PhD, Minister of Education

‘..a great system. Our children have been eagerly awaiting the booklets and are rapt that they can now get on with using the Kiwi Maths method.’
Sheils Carnihan, Principal, Stanley School

‘A school’s major purpose in bringing Kiwi Mathematics on board should be to encourage a really active partnership between school and family.
Mathematics Advisor

As an ex-teacher of secondary remedials (15 years!) I can see its application and potential. The style is simple, encouraging and very positive in its approach. A ‘make it part of your skill base’ approach rather than ‘you must succeed at maths!’ sort of angle. The video is a useful tool for familiarisation of the programme and puts it into perspective. Thanks for the opportunity to review Kiwi Mathematics. It’s certainly worth promoting.’
Robyn Walshe, Deputy Editor, ‘Grapevine’

 .‘I have used your method both for practice and revision. One child was having problems with subtraction. Your sheets solved the problem over 3 days… I also have a special needs child who hates maths. I’ve introduced him to the sheets. He enjoys them and is getting more partial to maths!  Great stuff!’
Isabel Lizamore, Rudolph Steiner School

‘There were good results from the
Kiwi Mathematics programme -
many children improving by at least
1 or 2 levels. Speed times were up and accuracy much improved.’
Donna Heemi, Murrays Bay Intermediate School

‘I am confident that children who have the benefit of home support for their learning in the way that you advocate, will quickly reach the achievement levels specified in the new mathematics curriculum…It’s a great idea. It’s very positive. It cuts across everything in terms of technicraft…Approach it to Boards of Trustees as a homework activity. Point out it is self-motivating and self-checking… I wish you every success in marketing Kiwi Mathematics to New Zealand parents and schools.’
Intermediate School Head