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The highly successful 'Kiwi Maths' of the 90s come back in 2013 because it is as needed now as it was then! 'Kiwi Maths' is a 'tables' or basic number facts learning programme. It' is easy to operate, fun to do, and features a unique 'error-free' method of learning. Children set their own goals. They record their own progress. They can aim for a good standard or can work for excellence. Preferably children have their own workbook and are helped to be proud of what they do in it. Where students already appear to know, say, their easier tables, it is good to do further work on these and bring them up to a level of excellence, setting a standard for the harder tables.

1. 'Kiwi maths' Workbooks:

Use 'Kiwi Maths' with children who need to be quick and accurate with basic facts.
The learning methods are motivating! challenging! effective! proven!
Children set their own goals and record their own progress.
They can aim for a good standard or can work for excellence.

Worksheets may be used but preferably children have their own books to work in and be proud of. 
Work may be in class or at home. 'A page a night' makes ideal homework!!
Focus is on accuracy, then speed with accuracy.  Charts help set goals and track progress.
Request discount according to order size or discuss use under license. 

    'The Easier Multiplication Tables’ ( 2-5)      ‘The Harder Multiplication Tables' (6-9)
     'Easier Basic Division’                                     ‘Harder Basic Division’ 
     'Easier Basic Addition’                                    'Harder Basic Addition’ 
     'Easier Basic Subtraction                                'Harder Basic Subtraction'.

2.  Basic Fact Progress Charts.
These charts provide a new challenging and motivating way for students to record their basic fact knowledge progress - no matter what teaching methods are in use.
Excellent too for data collection and report purposes.

3. The AFPM Tests of Basic Number Facts.    
The 1 and 5-minute tests check accuracy, speed and understanding come with photocopy license.
Use for baseline, goal setting, monitoring progress and for reporting to parents and Boards.

If we know your needs we can advise.