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'       About Kiwi Maths 'basic facts' resources

is the widely used name for a basic fact learning programme designed to help children memorise their basic facts and use them quickly and confidently in problems.

  • Its best use is with children who are already doing fairly well with their learning but want to excel, or with those who are slow or inaccurate with their facts and  need to work hard and catch up. (Quite different methods should be used in the early stages of all basic fact learning. For help with these consider 'Number Stick' and 'Number Family' methods.)

  • Kiwi Mathis is an inexpensive workbook approach with two books for multiplication ('The Easier Tables' and 'The Harder Tables') and the same for division and addition .Activities about four times a week, short and sharp, around ten minutes. An 'error-free' method eliminates mistakes.

  • The first focus is on accuracy, then on accuracy with speed! In a Progress Chart children record the times they take on a particular table. They keep track of their progress and set goals. All the time they are competing against themselves - and winning - and loving the progress which they clearly see they are making. 

HOME USE:  Kiwi Maths was originally created to help parents help their kids at home - and the original video is still available showing a father watching over children aged from 7 to 12 doing their 'Kiwi Maths' - the older kids doing it occasionally for revision.  To see parent comment which has been extremely positive over the years click PARENT COMMENT

SCHOOL USE:  Schools in the early 90s were soon getting excellent results with classroom use of Kiwi Maths. Maths Advisors examined and recommended it.
The then Minister of Education Dr Lockwood Smith gave it his blessing and saw it as giving schools a great area in which to work with parents. Click here for TEACHER COMMENT

RESEARCH studies in 2011 and 2013 yield extraordinarily good outcomes for students using Kiwi Maths.

The first of these was in a school where teachers recognised that despite their best efforts their children were not doing well with the (Numeracy Project)methods they had been trained in.  Tests indeed suggested that many if not most of the children were at such a low level of basic fact capability that their whole future in maths was in jeopardy. Division was outstandingly weak. On average, with Kiwi Math methods, teachers could claim tremendous progress for their ear 5/6 children in multiplication and division knowledge.  Click RESEARCH SUMMARY

A small study of multiplication and division basic fact knowledge with Year 7/8 students was made in 2013. Again gains under Kiwi Maths were impressive. Some failure to make good progress made it clear that  care needs to be taken not to start students on Kiwi Maths if they are not sufficiently prepared for it. To see, click RESEARCH 2 

Research findings which made clear that Numeracy Project methods were signally failing children in the 'underachieving tail research were conveyed to the Minister of Education along with recommendations, - all of which have been thoroughly ignored.  A few new initiatives are in place but with no research to show they will contribute to the sea change that needs to happen. Little will come from them and NZ will continue its downhill march.

may need to take things more into their own hands. To that end and in addition to 'Kiwi Maths' we offer 'AFPM Tests of Basic Facts' which use 'Accurate Facts Per Minute' to show precisely where students stand and 'Basic Fact Progress Charts' which help then chart and control their progress through the year.