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    The 'Number Family' Approach to Maths
with the 'Number-Stick' Fun-Abacus

Dr. Des Rainey
PhD (Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio),
MA (Victoria,



Doc Rainey Ltd.

15A Coronation Rd

Auckland 0627

New Zealand.

Tel:+64 9 4198356





Des Rainey’s Number-Family Maths is an award-winning set of teaching methods that takes children into almost all areas of early maths (K-2). It combines brilliantly with the Number Stick. This is an 'exploration tool' or sort of fun abacus, that lets children build all sorts of maths models.  Children and teachers LOVE IT. See further teacher and parent information.

Note also - Des Rainey's 'Kiwi Maths' resources which aim to bring children to excellence with their recall of 'basic facts'. Their effectiveness, research proven, is legend. See further information for teachers. for parents and related research

Note also!  Des Rainey music! See mini-musicals based on the poems of A A Milne - including 'Bad Sir Brian Botany', 'Disobedience!', 'Jonathan Jo', 'At the Zoo' and many more!